IADSA update on international supplement regulations


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IADSA update on international supplement regulations

IADSA July 2019 Newsflash

Published: Thursday, July 25, 2019

AHPA is an active member of IADSA and is distributing the IADSA Newsflash as a member benefit. IADSA is an association focused on the globalization of food supplement markets and regulatory challenges. This issue of the IADSA Newsflash covers:

  • China is strengthening e-commerce oversight in part to prevent counterfeit and substandard products from entering the country, including food and health foods. China is also consulting on a draft standard for the hygienic, physical and chemical examination of health foods, including solvent residues and prohibited ingredients.
  • India will be boosting market surveillance for false or exaggerated health claims on health foods.
  • Korea has released new regulations intended to lower the burden on emerging industries, including health functional foods. It is also revising Standards and Specifications for Health Functional Foods that impact ginseng, green tea extract and bilberry extract.
  • Taiwan is taking steps to curb misleading claims and now recognizes 27 claims for use on food labels.
  • In the European Union, review of additives such as titanium dioxide, chlorides, and phosphates as food additives is ongoing. Extensive discussions about the status of cannabidiol (CBD) as a novel food are ongoing as well.
  • Italy is considering a warning statement for turmeric products following several cases of hepatitis associated with use of curcumin-containing supplements.
  • The Netherlands is amending its botanicals list to add several plants deemed to be toxic in all cases.

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