Update on international supplement regulations


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Update on international supplement regulations

IADSA October 2016 Newsflash

Published: Friday, October 21, 2016

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AHPA is an active member of IADSA and distributes the IADSA Newsflash as a member benefit. IADSA is an association focused on the globalization of food supplement markets and regulatory challenges. This issue of the IADSA Newsflash includes:

  • Thailand drafts notification on a negative list for botanicals or parts of botanicals for use in foods, including food supplements. The new regulation is expected to be implemented in 2017.
  • Australia is announcing new requirements for the labeling of non-prescription medicines, which will also apply to food supplements. The new requirements will be implemented over four years.
  • New Zealand has extended the deadline for submission of substances to the Natural Health Products Bill until October 31, 2016.
  • Following concerns raised by several countries, the European Commission (EC) has requested the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to provide a scientific opinion on the safety of green tea catechins with a proposed deadline of October 2017.
  • The EC has recently initiated the Article 8 procedure for the intake of hydroxyanthracene derivatives in order to address the safety concerns raised during the authorization of a health claim on the improvement of bowel function for which a positive opinion was delivered by EFSA and has requested that EFSA conduct a risk assessment. The opinion is expected in June 2017.
  • The EC has launched a consultation to consider potential improvements to the Mutual Recognition Regulation, which is intended to provide for free movement of goods within the EU where legislation has not been harmonized.
  • The Dutch Journal of Medicine released an article warning about the safe use of red yeast rice supplements.
  • ANVISA in Brazil indicates the intention to continue development of regulation specific to the category of food supplements.
  • Health Canada is conducting a consultation on potential regulatory changes for self-care products, including natural health products, OTCs, and cosmetics.

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