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2020 Board of Trustees

Left to right: Jeremy Stewart, Marc Allen, Staci Eisner, Juliane Guevel, Kristina Richens, Leah Porter, Randy King (succeeded by Kathy Kramp), Daniel Gagnon, Elizabeth Lambert, Elan Sudberg, Graham Rigby, Asa Waldstein, Brenda Van Goethem, Edward Fletcher, Garry Pay, Rupa Das, Aaron Secrist, Alessandra Storzini, Troy Smillie, Bethany Davis, Kelly Dressler (succeeded by Laura Najera), Mitch Coven, Steven Yeager, Ben Smart, Wilson Lau, Katie Huggins. Not pictured: Cindy Angerhofer, Brandon Beatty, Matt Bletsch, Kathy Kramp, Laura Najera, Anouchah Sanei, Erin Smith, Raza Bashir

2020 AHPA Board Officers

 Chair Steven Yeager, Mountain Rose Herbs
 Vice Chair Brenda Van Goethem, Schwabe/Nature's Way
 Secretary Wilson Lau, nuherbs Company
 Treasurer Mitch Coven, Vitality Works

2020 Board of Trustees

Elan Sudberg
Alkemist Labs

Beth Lambert
Herbalist & Alchemist

Aaron Secrist
NOW Foods

Anouchah Sanei

Daniel Gagnon
Herbs, Etc.

Wilson Lau
nuherbs Company

Cindy Angerhofer

Alessandra Storzini
Indena USA, Inc.

Ben Smart

Garry Pay

Rupa Das
Martin Bauer Group

Staci Eisner
PlusPharma Inc.

Brandon Beatty
Bluebird Botanicals

Bethany Davis
Kristina Richens
Republic of Tea
Graham Rigby

Laura Najera

Brenda Van Goethem
Schwabe/Nature's Way

Matt Bletsch
Celestial Seasonings

Steven Yeager
Mountain Rose Herbs

Katie Huggins
Traditional Medicinals Inc.

Jeremy Stewart
Gaia Herbs

Edward Fletcher
Native Botanicals, Inc.

Mitch Coven
Vitality Works

Marc Allen
Herb Pharm

Leah Porter

Erin Smith
WishGarden Herbs

Troy Smillie
Herbalife International

Kathy Kramp
New Chapter

Raza Bashir

2020 Annual Fund Sponsors


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