Wilson Lau to chair AHPA Board of Trustees

Finance and Governance Committee

Chairperson:  Marc Allen (Herb Pharm)
Staff Contact: Stan Cowan

Committee Purpose:

  • To optimize the herb industry's membership in AHPA and to assure that AHPA's membership is representative of the industry.
  • To provide financial oversight for the Association.
  • To provide for the effective governance of the Association, specifically regarding function of the Board of Trustees, function of Committees; and the annual election process.

Restriction on Membership: The Secretary and the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees shall be members of this committee.

AHPA Members, if you would like to join this committee or need archived meeting minutes, please email the staff contact.


Committee Meeting Minutes and News

Wilson Lau to chair AHPA Board of Trustees

Lau replaces Graham Rigby

Published: Monday, June 13, 2016

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Executive Committee has appointed Wilson Lau as chair of the AHPA Board of Trustees until March 2017.

Lau is the vice president of sales at nuherbs Company and has served on the AHPA board since 2008. He is also chair of AHPA's Tea and Infusion Products Committee.

"AHPA appreciates Wilson's willingness to take on the roles and responsibilities of board chair," said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. "AHPA will benefit from Wilson's strong leadership skills and extensive experience in the herbal products industry."

Lau replaces Graham Rigby, who recently left New Chapter to become chief innovation officer for Organic India.

"AHPA thanks Graham for his service as AHPA's board chair since March 2015," added McGuffin. "We look forward to continuing our relationship with Graham in his new position at Organic India USA, another AHPA member company."

New Chapter has appointed Sara Newmark, its director of sustainability, to fill the vacancy created by Rigby's departure. She will serve in this role until the next board election in March 2017.

In related news, Tina Mori, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Pacific Nutritional, has joined the AHPA board to fill a position left vacant when Michael Schaeffer left Pacific Nutritional to join Kirkman Group this month. Mori will also serve in this capacity until the next board election.


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