AHPA expands online Botanical Safety Handbook with new information and research

AHPA expands online Botanical Safety Handbook with new information and research

Online BSH features extensive safety information on more than 500 botanicals

Published: Thursday, February 15, 2018

AHPA has expanded several entries in the online Botanical Safety Handbook to include the latest herb safety information and research.

Notable updates include revision of the Aconitum carmichaelii (Sichuan aconite) entry to cite recent scientific articles about the processing of this botanical, which has a direct impact on its safe use. References to numerous recent articles detailing case reports of exposure to Sichuan aconite and new pharmacological and toxicity information have also been added to the entry.

Andrographis paniculata (andrographis) has also been reviewed and extensively updated. Additional information regarding the potential for allergic reactions to andrographis and recent adverse event and drug interaction studies have expanded this entry.

In addition, minor updates have been completed to the entries for Aletris farinosa (aletris), Alpinia officinarum (lesser galangal), Alpinia galanga (greater galangal), and Althaea officinalis (marshmallow).

Subscribers to the online Botanical Safety Handbook can review short descriptions of updated entries in the "Revisions" panel on the online version homepage when they log in.

AHPA is also preparing to post new botanical entries and additional updates to existing entries in the near future. Subscribers will be notified of these updates when they become available.

The online Botanical Safety Handbook is kept up-to-date through ongoing review of existing entries and the addition of new entries to provide the latest safety information before it can be included in future print editions of the handbook.

AHPA's Botanical Safety Handbook 2nd ed. is an essential tool for anyone who manufactures, recommends, or uses herbal products. It provides safety information on over 500 species of herbs, derived from data compiled from clinical trials, pharmacological and toxicological studies, medical case reports, and historical texts. All entries were reviewed by an Expert Advisory Council that includes some of the most renowned herbal and integrative medicine experts in the United States.

The handbook is available as an online, searchable database or in print.

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