AHPA Virtual Sports Nutrition Congress

AHPA Virtual Sports Nutrition Congress

October 21, 2020 -- 8am-4:30pm PT -- Virtual Event

Published: Sunday, August 30, 2020

Event date: 10/21/2020 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Export event

AHPA is excited to present its inaugural Sports Nutrition Congress Oct. 21 as an online event.

AHPA's Sports Nutrition Congress is the first of its kind event and will showcase industry and sports nutrition experts who will cover key sport nutrition industry issues providing the most up-to-date information, resources and practical tools and guidelines to help ensure the long-term success of your business. You will not want to miss this unique interactive event.

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Sports Nutrition Congress

Keynote: David Vobora

Five-year NFL veteran David Vobora met US Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, a quadruple amputee in 2014. Vobora opened up his personal gym to Staff Sergeant Mills, to provide his training expertise. The pair started working out together, customizing and adapting to the unique challenges posed by Mills’ injuries. Through working with Mills and engaging the veteran community, Vobora developed a passion for helping those with life-altering injuries find life-fulfilling adaptive performance training.

Vobora realized that, while there are many excellent rehabilitation programs as well as adaptive/Paralympic sports organizations, none existed to bridge the gap from basic functional rehabilitation to adapted sport. Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) was conceived to fill this void.


US and INTL Trends in the Sports Nutrition Market

Overview of the Playing Field: Broadcast on domestic and international markets – today and tomorrow – with a look at some trends that brands, manufacturers and suppliers should be aware of. IT’S ON!

Building the Business Through Winning Innovation: People, Pipeline and Process Strategies

Products that make a difference are themselves the products of strategic innovation pipeline driven by consumer insights, regulatory and legal compliance, food science acumen and high-quality production. Build strength in your innovation pipeline with expert coaching and support featured in this session.

Champion of Compliance: Ingredient and Product Testing for Label Validation, Prop 65, and GMOs

Consumer trust and brand transparency are critical, making label accuracy and compliance and marketing honesty a must. Develop your checklist and toolbox to be a champion!

Staying out of the Penalty Box: Liability and Risk Reduction

Apply best practices to limit ingredient, product and brand risk and liability by understanding the rules and playing your best game with best practice formulation, truthful, substantiated claims, monitoring consumer communications, etc.

Clean and Trusted: Opportunities to Leverage Banned Substance Testing and Quality Marks in Sales and Marketing

Whether its professional athletes or inspired beginners and every level in between. Clean, validated and high-quality products are necessary and critical components of trust. Understanding the benefits of banned substance testing, label and protein validation to create sales and product and brand trust. Strengthen your ingredient and product playbook!

Proven Performance: Developing a Highly Efficient, Cost-Effective Research Program

Terms like “Real Science”, “Research Proven” are meaningful especially to customers, coaches, nutritionists and media. Suppliers and brands not only become stronger when powered by an understanding their ingredients and products in enhancing performance, but also build trust, unique communication opportunities and claim substantiation. It’s an industry imperative, but it doesn’t have to be a budgetary defeat. Learn how to be victorious in your research platform!



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