How to Choose a Contract Laboratory

How to Choose a Contract Laboratory

Learn what factors to consider before selecting a contract lab and and how to get your testing completed correctly

Published: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Selecting a contract analytical laboratory to verify the authenticity and quality of raw materials and finished products can be tricky. All labs are not created equal. Contract labs provide an extensive range of testing services and manufacturers should begin the selection process by identifying their particular needs and matching them with a lab that specializes in the appropriate methods. Learn how to choose the best fit for purpose lab testing and how to get your lab work completed correctly.

Gain valuable insights from an industry legal expert, a leading industry laboratory and companies that regularly use contract laboratories.

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May 18, 2016 -- Duration: 2 hours

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  • How should a lab and company work together to ensure effective outcomes?
  • What questions should you ask prospective labs before contracting with them?
  • What cGMP requires and does NOT require when it comes to testing?
  • What documentation is needed?
  • Strategies to eliminate miscommunication and ensure transparency
  • What is fit for purpose testing and why is it significant?
  • How to interpret and use lab results
  • Strategies for evaluating testing costs and cost estimates
  • What to do if lab testing results don't meet specifications or other testing results
  • What factors should be considered before testing a complex blend of herbs in a product
  • What is a quality agreement, how should it be used and what are its limitations
  • Benefits and drawbacks of in-house testing versus contract lab testing
  • What to do when a lab updates or changes its testing method
  • How to determine if a lab is qualified to perform testing
  • Importance of controlling label claims



Elan Sudberg

Chief Executive Officer
Alkemist Labs
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Aaron Secrist

Director of Quality & R&D
NOW Foods
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Alex Villeda

Cedar Bear

Tony Young

Kleinfeld Kaplan & Becker LLP
AHPA General Counsel
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