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Thursday, November 26, 2015




Technical and Reference (click entry for additional details)

Herbs of Commerce, 2nd Edition (2001)

Herbs of Commerce, 1st Edition (1992)

Botanical Safety Handbook, Second Edition (2013, Hardcover & Online Versions)

Organoleptic Analysis of Herbal Ingredients (2013)

cGMP Compliance, Good Documentation Practices Manual (2010)

Interim Guidance for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications for Manufacturers and Distributors of NDIs (2011)

AER: Considerations & MedWatch Worksheet for Receiving Adverse Event Reports Associated with Dietary Supplements (2007)

AHPA's Guidance Documents for the Manufacture and Sale of Botanical Extracts (2001)

Manual for Alcohol Tax Drawbacks for Manufacturers and Nonbeverage Products Sold as Liquid Herbal Supplements (2003)


White Paper: Standardization (2003)

Heavy Metals: Analysis & Limits in Herbal Dietary Supplements (2009)
 Industry Guidance and Related

Background on California Prop 65: Issues Related to Heavy Metals and Herbal Products (2008)

AHPA Primer on Products Liability Insurance for the Dietary Supplement Industry (2010)

AHPA Guidance Policies

The Latin Custom Dictionary from AHPA's Herbs of Commerce, 2nd Ed. (2005)

2006-2010 Tonnage Survey of Select North American Wild-Harvested Plants

2004-2005 Tonnage Survey of Select North American Wild-Harvested Plants

2002-2003 Tonnage Survey of Select North American Wild-Harvested Plants

2000-2001 Tonnage Survey

1999 Tonnage Survey


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