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Monday, July 28, 2014



    FDA cGMP Compliance (December 2012)
    Marketing Red Flags (2012)
    GMP: The Final Rule (2007)
  Debriefing the FDA's cGMP Implementation Seminar (2007)
  FDA cGMP Inspections & Emerging Compliance Issues for Dietary Supplements (2012)
   Record Keeping, Document Control, and How to Write SOPs (2009)
  Setting and Meeting Specifications for Contaminants in Finished Products (2009)
 Botanical Identification & Herb Quality (2006)
     Variances (2011)
  The Quality Unit (2006)
     How to Conduct and Manage FDA Inspections (2009)
Legal and Regulatory Affairs
     Federal Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act: Explained (2005)
  Living with Proposition 65: Preventative Measures and Defending Against 60-Day Notice (2011)
      FDA's NDI Guidance: What You Need To Know (2011)
    Shelf Life Statements on Dietary Supplement Labels (2008)
     Adverse Event Reporting: Strategies for Compliance (2007)
  Allowable Claims and Claim Substantiation: How to Comply with the Law & Maximize Your Marketing (2006)
  Claims Substantiation: How to Ensure Your Dietary Supplement Product Claims are Truthful & Legal (2006)

  Structure/Function Claims: Crafting Smart & Lawful Marketing Information and Labels (2007)

  Sustainability & Crafting Responsible "Green" Marketing (2008)
  Good Agricultural and Collection Practices: Understanding the Importance of Starting from the Ground Up (2008)

  Herbal Cleanliness (2004)

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