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Tuesday, September 02, 2014



  Background on California Proposition 65: Issues Related to Heavy Metals and Herbal Products

Written by Michael McGuffin, AHPA President, and Trent Norris (Arnold & Porter LLP), AHPA’s Counsel for California Proposition 65, “Background on California Proposition 65: Issues related to heavy metals and herbal products” replaces a document of the same name dated November 2004.The backgrounder provides invaluable information on the regulatory and liability implications of Proposition 65 on heavy metals that may be present in herbal products sold in the State of California.

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  AHPA Primer on Products Liability Insurance for the Dietary Supplement Industry
by Dennis Awang, Shiu Ying Hu, John Kartesz, Arthur Tucker and Varro Tyler

Like all other consumer-goods industries, manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements purchase products liability insurance in order to protect their businesses and assets against claims associated with their products. AHPA created this document to provide some basic understanding of products liability insurance and the processes involved in purchasing this insurance by dietary supplement companies. This primer is organized in a question and answer format and addresses numerous issues that are commonly encountered in obtaining products liability insurance.

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  AHPA Guidance Policies

AHPA develops guidance policies to advance our Mission to promote responsible commerce in herbal supplements. These policies address a variety of labeling and manufacturing issues and reflect the consensus of AHPA’s members and its Board of Trustees. Unlike AHPA’s trade recommendations, compliance with AHPA’s guidance policies is not a condition of membership. Nevertheless, AHPA encourages its members and non-member companies to adopt each of these policies in the interest of establishing consistent and informed trade practices.

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