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AHPA Botanical Congress

The 2016 Botanical Congress is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016 at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. For more information, contact:

The AHPA Botanical Congress provides a unique opportunity to learn about global supply issues, botanical testing, product analysis tools, ingredient identity, regulatory issues and current trends in the competitive worldwide herbal marketplace.

View videos from the 2015 Botanical Congress

Participation in the annual AHPA Botanical Congress will provide guidance to dietary supplement ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and affiliated firms that bear the burden of regulatory compliance, including product testing, and the verification of botanical identity via scientifically valid methods. This unique, one-day event features a wide-array of industry experts offering first-hand experience, education and information. In addition to participating in panel discussions, attendees have an opportunity to learn about strategies that will help them understand the various identity methods and analytical technologies that work for many popular botanical ingredients, plus an overview of the worldwide herbal ingredient trends.

A sampling of topics that are covered at the Congress include:

  • Successful U.S. and global supply chain strategies
  • State of the art tools for analysis of herbal products
  • Overview of the cGMP/HA-PC and FSVP Rule from FSMA regarding U.S. food importation
  • Review of quality characteristics such as identity, authenticity, biodiversity and certification
  • Models for the authentication of materials, botanicals and genetic methods
  • Exploration of various myths about the herbal supplement industry
  • Political advocacy in the herbal products industry
  • Trends, competitive landscape and prospects of the worldwide herbal marketplace

Who Should Attend the Botanical Congress?

CEO / CFO / COO / CSO / CMO / CIO / Chairman / President / Owner / Partner
  • What is trending in the herbal industry?
  • What are the prospects of the worldwide herbal marketplace?
  • How competitive is the herbal products business?
Purchasing / Supply Chain / Procurement
  • What are the global supply chain issues?
  • What are key issues surrounding product adulteration?
R&D / Product Development / Food Technologist / Food Scientist / Cosmetic Chemist / Research / Scientist / Formulator / Nutritionist
  • What are new and innovative tools to help determine herbal authenticity?
  • What are techniques to help researchers and QC labs with the analysis of supplements?
Brand Management / Marketing / Communications / Public Relations / Consultants
  • What are the myths about the herbal supplement industry?
  • What are consumer perspectives about the supplement industry?
  • What are strategies to overcome the challenges?
Sales / Sales Manager / Director of Sales / Business Development
  • Why should your company be politically active?
  • How can my company become more engaged in political avenues?
QA/QC / Testing / Lab Technician / Operations
  • What does the FDA require for ingredient identity?
  • How can I best establish and document quality testing procedures and results?
Legal / Regulatory / Compliance
  • The Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) is here – now what?
  • What are the numerous aspects of the VQIP in question?
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