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Tuesday, December 01, 2015



  cGMP Compliance Series: Setting and Meeting Specifications for Contaminants in Finished Products

January 22, 2009

Dietary supplement companies face numerous legal, regulatory and scientific questions as they look to comply with cGMP. Under the rule, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to identify contaminants likely or certain to be present in or on components received and to establish limits to prevent adulteration of these components. How do you know what contaminants to set specifications for? What are your testing needs? How does California’s Proposition 65 come into play? What are the legal limits for pesticides? What is your liability as a supplier when you enter into a contractual agreement? To answer these questions and more, AHPA brings together an expert panel: Michael McGuffin, AHPA’s president and editor of “AHPA’s Annotated Final Rule on Dietary Supplement cGMP,” Aaron Secrist, Associate Director of Quality at Nature’s Way, Anthony Young, Esq., AHPA’s General Counsel and partner at Kleinfeld Kaplan & Becker,  and Trent Norris, AHPA’s Counsel for Proposition 65 and partner at Arnold & Palmer LLP.

Course materials include:

  • Audio file of the AHPA event
  • An unedited transcript of the AHPA event

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