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Saturday, November 28, 2015



AHPA Membership Application

By joining the American Herbal Products Association, your company will benefit from three decades of leadership in the herbal and botanical products industry. From the U.S. Congress and numerous regulatory agencies to scientific meetings and the media, AHPA is there to represent the herbal products industry. While you invest in growing your business, let AHPA represent those interests that are important to the entire trade, just as we have done successfully for 30 years.

AHPA's sole mission is to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products. AHPA’s activities are undertaken to maintain and improve market opportunities for companies that sell herbs and herbal and botanical products, and to ensure that consumers continue to enjoy informed access to a wide choice of goods. Even though AHPA is known as the “herbal” trade association, our influence extends to the entire dietary supplement category. We work continuously to ensure a healthy regulatory and business environment for the entire range of health-related products. When new laws and regulations are being debated, you can rest assured that AHPA is in the room to represent the needs of your company. AHPA will also keep you informed of new and important developments that affect the trade.

Invest in your future and the healthy future of the industry by joining AHPA today.

AHPA Membership Categories

AHPA membership consists of two categories, depending on each company’s operations.

Active Members — Growers, importers, processors, marketers, and manufacturers of herbs and/or herbal products whose principal place of business is in the United States are eligible for full voting membership in the American Herbal Products Association. Membership may be held by any legal entity, including individuals, corporations, and partnerships.

Associate Members — Individuals, corporations, partnerships, and other legal business organizations not directly engaged in but "serving" the herbal products industry may hold a nonvoting membership in the American Herbal Products Association. The Associate Member category includes but is not limited to researchers, educators, consultants, attorneys, the media, medical professionals (physicians, herbalists, naturopaths, pharmacists, acupuncturists, etc.).

AHPA 'Active Member' Annual Dues, Based on Annual U.S. Herbal Sales



Less than $ 500,000


$500,000 - $1.5 million


$1.5 - $3.0 million


$3.0 - $5.0 million


$5.0 - $7.5 million


$7.5 - $10.0 million


$10.0 - $15.0 million


$15.0 - $25.0 million


$25.0 - $110.0 million

  0.045% of annual U.S. herbal sales
Greater than $110.0 million

 AHPA 'Associate Member' annual dues are $1,000. per year.

AHPA Member Benefits


US Congress and Federal Agencies — AHPA has strong ties to federal and state legislatures, both directly and through highly qualified lobbyists. AHPA also actively engages with the various federal agencies and offices that generate and influence the policies that regulate herbal products, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the US Department of Agriculture, US Fish & Wildlife Service, the National Institutes of Health (in particular the National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine, and the Office of Dietary Supplements), and more …

Scientific Involvement — AHPA plays important roles with many of the leading scientific organizations that deal with herbal standards and research (including NCCAM, United States Pharmacopoiea (USP), and AOAC International). These activities enable AHPA to represent the trade and ensure that the needs of industry are well understood and met.

Media Spokesperson — AHPA’s executive staff members act as spokespersons for the herbal products industry by maintaining access to journalists from the national and industry media. This spokesperson role enables AHPA to publicize the benefits of herbal products and to set the record straight on the many inaccuracies that are published about herbs.

Self-Regulation (click on the links to view the documents)

AHPA’s Code of EthicsAHPA members agree to comply with the Association’s Code of Ethics & Business Practices, which contains trade recommendations adopted by the association. Revised on an ongoing basis, as needed, AHPA’s trade recommendations are created and codified when the industry determines that policies beyond those mandated by federal laws serve the common interest of the industry and our consumers. When we as an industry take greater responsibility by self-regulation, we set a new industry standard and take better control of our own destiny.

AHPA Guidance Policies — AHPA develops guidance policies to advance our Mission to promote responsible commerce in herbal products. These policies address a variety of labeling and manufacturing issues and reflect the consensus of AHPA’s members and its Board of Trustees. Unlike AHPA’s trade recommendations, compliance with AHPA’s guidance policies is not a condition of membership. Nevertheless, AHPA encourages its members and non-member companies to adopt each of these policies in the interest of establishing consistent and informed trade practices.

AHPA Committees — AHPA’s committee meetings allow members to exchange information about the critical issues that face all levels of botanical manufacturing. In addition, AHPA members are at the forefront of creating new guidelines that advance responsible trade.


AHPA Updates & Alerts — Through the association's timely email-based AHPA Updates, members receive late-breaking, pertinent news and association information and positions on issues of interest within the herbal, botanical, supplement, food, personal care, and related fields. AHPA Alerts are excerpts and links to items of interest from the legal, science, market, or media arenas. These are delivered directly to opt-in participants via email, often with brief editorial notes from staff to provide perspective.

The AHPA Report — AHPA’s monthly electronic newsletter, The AHPA Report, provides a forum for more in-depth analysis of emerging issues, and is a useful summary of recent activities. Available to members (and non-members via the AHPA Bookstore) with a circulation of more than 3,000 business executives. Guest articles are welcomed and advertising opportunities are available at a discount to AHPA members.

Letters to the Editor & Responses to Media — AHPA is vigilant in its monitoring of the media and frequently responds to articles requiring clarification or correction. The organization also strives to broadcast good news about herbs and botanicals to consumers and to government regulators, and often makes use of its network of media and regulatory contacts to do so.

Membership Directory — AHPA members are listed and publicized in AHPA’s industry-wide, print and online resource directory. Members have complete control over their listings, and can use HTML coding and images to create a excellent presence for industry networking and consumers alike.


Educational Seminars and Symposia — With a growing library of more than 30 educational teleseminars designed to advance industry’s knowledge of herbs and botanicals and on the regulation of herbal products, AHPA has been a partner to industry for many years. These events utilize industry experts and regulators to share their experience and present cutting-edge information about emerging issues. Special discounts are offered to members.

Publications & Resource Documents — AHPA develops publications and educational materials to assist its membership in the manufacture and sale of high-quality herbal products that conform to all regulatory requirements. Members receive significant discounts. See our online bookstore for more information.

Insurance Programs

Product Liability Insurance Program —  Thanks to our specially endorsed program, AHPA members receive special consideration that may lead to the most competitive pricing.
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AHPA is the only trade association devoted primarily to herbal issues. Considering AHPA membership? Submit your membership application! If you need more information, please contact Amber Bennett, 301.588.1171 x105.



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