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Sunday, February 01, 2015


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AHPA 2015 Meetings & Events

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 AHPA Events and Meetings at Expo West -- DRAFT schedule subject to change
 Event  Time  Room  Location
 Wednesday -- March 4, 2015
AHPA Board of Trustees meeting 12:00 PM -- 6:30 PM TBD Anaheim Hilton
 Thursday -- March 5, 2015
Annual Member meeting and breakfast (Registration required) 7:00 AM -- 12:00 AM  TBD  Anaheim Marriott
AHPA Board of Trustees meeting 12:30 PM -- 2:00 PM TBD Anaheim Hilton 
AHPA-ABC Herb Walk (Registration required)

Sponsored by: Celestial Seasonings, Four Elements, Herb Pharm, and Nature's Way
 1:00 PM -- 5:00 PM Fullerton Arboretum  Bus Departs from Anaheim Convention Center 
AHPA ERB Foundation Board meeting 2:15 PM -- 3:45 PM  TBD Anaheim Hilton 
Cannabis Committee meeting  4:00 PM -- 5:30 PM TBD Anaheim Hilton 
 Friday -- March 6, 2015
Joint meeting of the Botanical Raw Materials, Standards, and Analytical Labs Committees 9:00 AM -- 11:45 AM   TBD Anaheim Hilton 
Government Relations Committee meeting 12:00 PM -- 2:00 PM   TBD Anaheim Hilton
Sports Nutrition Committee meeting  2:15 PM -- 3:45 PM  TBD Anaheim Hilton
Personal Care Products Committee meeting  4:00 PM -- 5:30 PM TBD  Anaheim Hilton 
AHPA Member Reception 6:00 PM -- 8:00 PM  TBD  Sheraton Park Hotel
 Saturday -- March 7, 2015
 Small Business Committee breakfast and meeting 8:00 AM -- 9:30 AM  TBD Anaheim Hilton
 Education Committee meeting  9:30 AM -- 11:00 AM  TBD  Anaheim Hilton
 Chinese Herbal Products Committee meeting 11:15 AM -- 12:45 PM  TBD  Anaheim Hilton
 Communications Committee meeting 1:00 PM -- 2:00 PM  TBD  Anaheim Hilton
 Tea and Infusion Products Committee meeting 2:15 PM -- 3:45 PM TBD Anaheim Hilton
 International Committee meeting 4:00 PM -- 5:30 PM  TBD Anaheim Hilton
 Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) fundraising reception 6:00 PM -- 7:00 PM  TBD  Anaheim Hilton
 Sunday -- March 8, 2015
 American Herbal Pharmacopoeia meeting  9:00 AM -- 11:00 AM  TBD  Anaheim Hilton

For questions about any of the above events or meetings, please contact Haley Chitty, 301.588.1171 x104.

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