Recent FDA enforcement actions against illegal, tainted products masquerading as dietary

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Recent FDA enforcement actions against illegal, tainted products masquerading as dietary

Author: AHPA Staff/Thursday, May 15, 2014/Categories: Legal Alert


Since March 28, 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has performed 13 enforcement actions advising consumers not to purchase or use products because FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that these products contain undeclared ingredients.

FDA issued six voluntary recalls for five weight loss products and one sexual enhancement product, and seven public notifications including one sexual enhancement product and nine weight loss products that "contain hidden drug ingredients." 

Foreign health agencies including Canada, Austraila, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and newly added Macau have issued 43 safety advisories in recent months for products that "contain hidden drug ingredients."

AHPA maintains a website ( that tracks the latest FDA enforcement actions taken against illegal, tainted products being sold as "dietary supplements." The site provides detailed resources and information for the supplement industry and consumers.

Browse the latest enforcement actions taken by FDA and international health agencies using the links below.


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