Expo West Special Edition of the April 2016 AHPA Report!

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Expo West Special Edition of the April 2016 AHPA Report!

Plus: A wake up call for food importers

Author: Lawanda (Admin)/Wednesday, April 13, 2016/Categories: AHPA Report, Front Page

Expo West Special Edition 

  • AHPA board of trustees election
  • Board actions
  • Report of counsel
  • AHPA Awards
  • Photo exhibit

Inside AHPA 

AHPA advocacy spurs correction of FDA’s Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide
AHPA Updates for March 2016
New members
AHPA in the news


Special Topic 

Food importers: Wake up! by Ricardo Carvajal

Botanical Science Update 

Literature citations by Maged Sharaf, Ph.D., AHPA Chief Science Officer


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