Webinar: How to Become Compliant with FSMA’s FSVP

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Webinar: How to Become Compliant with FSMA’s FSVP

The Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) rule on Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) for importers impacts most AHPA members in some way

Published: Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Event date: 2/28/2017 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Export event


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Date: Tuesday, Feb. 28

Members - $199
Non-Members - $399

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The Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) rule on Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) for importers of food for humans and animals is now final, and compliance dates for some businesses begins May 30, 2017. The FSVP impacts most AHPA members in some way.

The final rule requires that importers perform certain risk-based activities to verify that food imported into the U.S. has been produced in a manner that meets applicable U.S. safety standards. The FSVP rule is the product of a significant level of outreach by the FDA to industry, consumer groups, the agency’s federal, state, local, tribal and international regulatory counterparts, academia and other stakeholders. How prepared are you to comply with FSMA’s FSVP? Are you fully informed about how FSMA affects imported products and raw materials and how this affects your business? Sign up for this webinar to learn what your business must do under FSMA. This webinar will feature a panel of regulatory experts who will provide a roadmap to FSMA’s FSVP requirements and will teach you how to become compliant with the FSVP.

A 20-30-minute Q&A session will follow the speaker presentations and answers specific questions.


  • Click here to submit questions BEFORE the webinar so presenters can address YOUR ISSUES during their presentation. Tell us what you do (grow, import, ingredient supplier, ingredient importer, supplement manufacturer) and provide your question.
  • With regards to the FSVP, what is required under FSMA, and what are FDA’s expectations?
  • Is industry complying with the FSVP?
  • How does VQIP factor into the FSVP?


  • Wilson Lau, Vice President of Sales, nuherbs Co.
  • Will Woodlee, Esq., Partner, Kleinfeld, Kaplan and Becker, LLP
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