January 2014 AHPA Report

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January 2014 AHPA Report

Challenges to GRAS procedures and why it is important for the botanical industry, AHPA's responses to inaccurate media in 2013, FDA to redraft FSMA rules and much more!

Published: Saturday, January 11, 2014

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Special Legal and Regulatory section:

  • Challenges to GRAS procedures: What's in store for 2014? by Robert S. McQuate, Ph.D., and Richard Kraska, Ph.D., DABT
  • Why GRAS is important for the botanical industry by Anthony L. Young


  • AHPA responds to inaccurate media reports on herbal products in 2013
  • 2014 AHPA award nominations ends today 
  • 2014  AHPA board of trustees call for candidates...and much more! 

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