IADSA update on international supplement regulations

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IADSA update on international supplement regulations

February 2021 IADSA Newsflash

Published: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

AHPA is an active member of IADSA and is distributing the IADSA Newsflash as a member benefit. IADSA is an association focused on the globalization of food supplement markets and regulatory challenges. This issue of the IADSA Newsflash covers:

  • China - Coenzyme Q10, reishi shell-broken spore powder, spirulina, fish oil and melatonin are now officially considered as functional ingredients with their inclusion into the health food raw material positive list.
  • European Union – After a recent court case, the Commission now considers that cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from hemp is not a drug and can be eligible for use in food and food supplements. All CBD extracts remain novel, requiring the submission and approval of a dossier before use.
  • France has extended its ban on titanium dioxide (TiO2) in foods and supplements for another year pending a scientific opinion for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
  • Germany has published an updated Stoffliste, with the addition of over 100 monographs and over 250 plants. A list of mushrooms has been added as well.
  • Germany has decided that the evaluation of the safety of curcumin containing products with improved bioavailability be determined for each individual case due to the heterogeneity of the specific manufacturing processes.
  • United Kingdom – Post-Brexit regulations for foods and supplements have not changed substantially.
  • Argentina has updated the portion of the Argentine Food Code that defines dietary supplements. Primary changes are adjustments to minimum and maximum levels of vitamins and minerals, establishment of limits for amino acids and nitrogenous substances, and a reduction in the permitted botanical species.
  • Nicaragua and Uzbekistan have introduced initial regulations for dietary supplement products.

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