NBJ data shows strong growth in 2017 herbal supplement sales

NBJ data shows strong growth in 2017 herbal supplement sales

Sales increased 8.5 percent in 2017

Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The latest data presented at NBJ Summit shows that herbal and botanical supplements sales grew by 8.5 percent in 2017 and sales of all dietary supplements grew by 5.4 percent.

The data was presented by Carlotta Mast, SVP of content at Informa Global Health & Nutrition Network at the NBJ Summit being held in California this week. Mast also highlighted trending herbs and botanicals including CBD, mushrooms, ashwagandha, turmeric and more.

"As the supplement market continues to grow and evolve, this data suggests that consumers increasingly recognize the benefits and value of herbal and botanical supplements," said AHPA President Michael McGuffin who is attending the event. "There is every indication that this trend will continue as more research and studies reinforce the traditional knowledge accumulated through thousands of years of humans using herbs to promote health and well being."


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