NDI's and GRAS Notification - A How To Online Training

NDI’s and GRAS Notification - A How To Online Training

May 5, 2020, 1:00 p.m - 3:00 p.m ET

Published: Friday, April 17, 2020

Event date: 5/5/2020 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Export event

According ​to ​the ​Dietary ​Supplement ​Health ​and ​Education ​Act ​(DSHEA), ​any ​company ​that ​sells ​a ​dietary ​supplement ​containing ​a ​new ​dietary ​ingredient ​must ​submit ​a ​New ​Dietary ​Ingredient ​Notification ​(NDIN) ​to ​the ​FDA. ​In ​this ​course ​we ​will ​provide ​guidance ​on ​how ​to ​determine ​when ​an ​NDIN ​is ​required, ​what ​kind ​of ​information ​you ​will ​need ​to ​include ​in ​an ​NDIN, ​and ​common ​pitfalls. ​The ​course ​is ​directed ​toward ​dietary ​supplement ​and ​food ​ingredient ​manufacturers ​and ​suppliers ​who ​are ​interested ​in ​understanding ​the ​basic ​requirements ​for ​NDINs ​so ​they ​can ​better ​communicate ​with ​regulators ​and ​specialists. Specific topics will include: 

 • How to determine whether you need to submit an NDIN to the  FDA

• How to decide what kind of testing is required for an NDIN

• How to establish safety under the conditions of intended use

• How to compile the necessary documentation for a successful FCN

• How to avoid common pitfalls associated with preparing an NDIN

Cost: $250.00

Attending NSF training sessions does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.

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