September 2020 AHPA Report

September 2020 AHPA Report

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Published: Thursday, September 3, 2020

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September 2020

Volume 35, Number 9

Inside AHPA

  • Inaugural Sports Nutrition Congress on Oct. 21
  • Hemp-CBD Supplement Congress now on-demand
  • Online Botanical Safety Handbook updated with new safety data
  • 9th Annual Botanical Congress on Nov. 10
  • AHPA requests more time for small firms to comply with new FDA food labeling rules
  • Statement on oleandrin
  • AHPA in the news

Special Topics

  • U.S. senator hoping for ‘sensible’ FDA guidance on CBD
  • Hemp/CBD market growth expected despite raw material oversupply issues
  • Lawsuit Challenges USDA’s BE Labeling Rule

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  • Legal Alerts
  • Science Alerts
  • Cannabis Alerts
  • Market Alerts

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