Primer on Product Liability Insurance for the Dietary Supplement Industry

Primer on Product Liability Insurance for the Dietary Supplement Industry

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Published: Monday, March 19, 2018

This primer answers some basic questions about product liability insurance for supplement companies, outlines the purchasing process and addresses numerous issues that are commonly encountered in obtaining product liability insurance.

Like all consumer-goods industries, dietary supplement companies can purchase product liability insurance to protect the business and assets against claims associated with their products. Under this coverage, an insurance company generally agrees to defend and pay claims filed against the insured company for manufacture, repacking, relabeling and/or distribution of the insured’s products, as specified in the insurance contract.

AHPA's Primer on Product Liability Insurance for the Dietary Supplement Industry provides answers to common questions like:

  • What is product liability insurance?
  • What insurance coverage is included in a basic product liability insurance policy, and what are the limits of coverage?
  • How is the cost of product liability insurance determined?
  • What is the minimum premium cost for product liability insurance for a small company?
  • Are product labels required to be submitted to obtain product liability insurance?
  • Why are some dietary ingredients excluded in policies offered by some insurance companies, and how do insurers determine which ingredients should be excluded?
  • What is the role of State regulators in the insurance industry?

This document is focused on purchasing product liability insurance and does not address other insurance topics like risk management or dealing with liability claims.

This primer was created by AHPA staff, member company representatives, and key insurance advisors. Particular appreciation is due to Richard Griffin, Griffin Insurance Services (GIS) and manager of AHPA’s longstanding product liability insurance program. LifeScienceRisk, an Associate Member of AHPA, for their expert input in updating this document.

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