Natural Products Expo East

Natural Products Expo East

Produced by New Hope Network

Published: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Event date: 9/12/2018 - 9/15/2018 Export event

The 33rd Annual Natural Products Expo East, held September 12-15, is expected to host more than 1,500 brands and more than 29,000 community members. Both large and small brands continue to launch innovative products that further missions centered on health, wellness, community building and sustainability.

Natural Products Expo East is produced by New Hope Network and is co-located at the Baltimore Convention Center with All Things Organic/Biofach America, Natural Products Association East, and Harvest Festival.

“Natural Products Expo East is an excellent event for us to share both our newest products as well as to connect with customers and like-minded companies on our mission-based programs,” said Caryl Levine, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Lotus Foods. Each fall, brands showcase new products at Expo East that will end up on store shelves heading into the new year. The content and research team at New Hope Network tracked 10 Trends including: 1) The Plant Revolution, 2) Wholegrarian Shopper, 3) Protein Redefined, 4) Inherently Functional, 5) Probiotics 2, 6) The Verified Brand, 7) Nutrition Customized, 8) Getting Crafty, 9) Snackification, and 10) Sugar Vilified.

“Each year our community gathers to share ground-breaking product innovations and learn about healthy trends. But, there is a larger force that brings us together around how we, collectively as an industry, can improve the health of our food system and planet,” said Adam Andersen, Senior Vice President, Events at New Hope Network.


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