Handbook promotes safe use of herbs to prevent drug interactions

Handbook promotes safe use of herbs to prevent drug interactions

Botanical Safety Handbook features extensive data on herb safety

Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Silver Spring, MD - To help ensure the safe use of herbal supplements and prevent drug interactions, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) produced the Botanical Safety Handbook to summarize the latest research on the safety of more than 500 species of herbs.

The handbook provides consumers, health care professionals, retailers and herbal product companies with contemporary herb safety data compiled from clinical trials, pharmacological and toxicological studies, medical case reports, and historical texts. The online and printed resource provides information on:

  • Drug and supplement interactions, including clinical trials, case reports of suspected interactions, and animal trials
  • Impact on pregnancy and lactation
  • Case reports of adverse events
  • Pharmacological studies on humans, animals and in vitro
  • Toxicity studies

Certain people, like pregnant women and anyone taking drugs, should be especially careful about everything they consume and the Botanical Safety Handbook helps these people use the latest herb safety research to minimize risks like drug interactions.

"There is an extensive amount of research and information on the safety of herbs sold in the U.S.," said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. "Anyone who recommends, sells or buys herbal products should consider information in AHPA's handbook to understand the safety profile of commonly consumed botanicals."

AHPA's Botanical Safety Handbook is not a substitute for consultation with a health care professional. AHPA recommends that consumers of herbal supplements inform their healthcare provider(s) of such use. AHPA encourages healthcare providers to receive such communication with respect for the consumers' healthcare choices and seek out accurate and truthful information about herbs.

The handbook is available as an online, searchable database or in print. Preview the online handbook:


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