NBJ Summit

NBJ Summit

Terranea Resort - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Published: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Event date: 7/15/2018 - 7/19/2018 Export event

New in 2018

NBJ Summit Innovation FIX: Seven game-changing entrepreneurs and business visionaries will present their innovations and challenges to a select group of nutrition industry leaders as part of this interactive and high-impact “master mind” session. NBJ Summit participant will get to know and help those who are working to create new opportunities for the nutrition industry, while sharing their talent, expertise and ideas in an atmosphere of generosity and learning.

The 2018 Summit will also explore:

  • The State of the U.S. and Global Nutrition Industry: This annual deep dive into market trends, data, research, M&As, and regulatory updates will highlight the greatest opportunities for the nutrition industry.
  • International Opportunities and Strategies: We will keep the data flowing with this look at the growth, trends and standout companies within the global supplements and functional food/beverages market.
  • The Blurring of Pharma and Nutraceuticals: The line between nutraceuticals, OTC and pharma is being redefined, and we will explore what’s coming and how we might reenvision DSHEA to meet the industry where it is now.
  • The Power of the Plant: This session will look at the benefits of funding botanical research, updating regulatory structures, and changing the agricultural economy to meet new consumer demands and health needs.
  • Personalized Lifestyle Nutrition at the Tipping Point: We will illuminate the future of nutrition through successful business models and company case studies that are moving personalized nutrition from theory to practice.
  • The (Fuzzy?) Future of Hemp and CBD: All eyes are on the hemp and CBD market, and we will provide an update on the current regulatory and agricultural landscapes and the innovation happening with phytocannabinoids.
  • Disruption in Retail: We will close the 2018 NBJ Summit by navigating the seismic changes happening in nutrition retail being driven by Amazon, Whole Foods, private label and other powerful forces.

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