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Herbal e-Library

The Herbal e-LibraryTM is a catalog of reliable information about herbs. AHPA is not the author of most of these references and resources, but this library provides information on each resource to help users find the information they need. Recommend a resource for AHPA's Herbal e-LibraryTM to help keep it up-to-date and complete!

These online resources have been reviewed and are provided here as resources for researching many of the issues that growers, processors, manufacturers and marketers may need to deal with in their day-to-day business. Categories of websites include:

In identifying these websites AHPA has endeavored to provide accurate description of each. Information contained in quotation marks within these descriptions are statements that the operator of the site has made, unless otherwise indicated. While we have attempted to limit this list to those with which the AHPA staff has some familiarity and confidence, we have no doubt overlooked other sites that are also of value. In addition, AHPA makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information contained at the websites listed here and users of the information found therein are responsible for verifying all such information.

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