AHPA Guidance

AHPA guidance documents

AHPA produces these guidance documents on specific topics to help the industry comply with applicable laws and regulations and institute best practices that help ensure quality and transparency.

AHPA Guidance Policies

These guidance policies are designed to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products.

These policies address a variety of labeling and manufacturing issues and reflect the consensus of AHPA’s members and its board of trustees.

Free primer on Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

AHPA will continue to work with the CITES Plants Committee and the U.S. Fish Wildlife Service to promote sustainable harvest

Primer helps members and the herbal products industry understand the processes and practices that must be followed to comply with CITES requirements when importing and exporting species listed on CITES appendices

Interim Guidance for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications for Manufacturers and Distributors of NDIs

Published in May 2006 and revised September 2011

This guide explains the new dietary ingredient (NDI) regulations and identifies information to include-and exclude- in an NDI notification

Adverse Event Reporting: Considerations & MedWatch Worksheet for Receiving AERs Associated with Dietary Supplements

The information provided here addresses internal policies that may be established by companies in preparation for receiving an adverse event report and also presents ideas for communicating with the reporter of such an event.

Shelf Life Dating of Botanical Supplement Ingredients and Products

Overview of federal regulations and compliance strategies

This document provides an overview of federal regulations regarding the use of shelf life dates for dietary ingredients and dietary supplements sold in the United States, with a particular emphasis on botanical ingredients and products. In addition it presents various strategies for meeting those requirements.

AHPA Primer on Products Liability Insurance for the Dietary Supplement Industry

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This document provides a basic understanding of products liability insurance and the processes involved in purchasing this insurance by dietary supplement companies.

Good Documentation Practices Manual

This manual focuses on documentation systems in the context of manufacturing, packing, or holding dietary supplements

Heavy Metals: Analysis and Limits in the Herbal Dietary Supplements

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This document provides proposed limits with accompanying explanations as to how they were determined for lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, and accompanying explanations as to how these limits were determined.

Guidance for Addressing FDA cGMP Inspections of Dietary Supplement Facilities

Understand your rights and obligations when FDA conducts a cGMP inspection

This Guidance for Addressing FDA Inspections of Dietary Supplement Facilities has been prepared to assist AHPA members in understanding their rights and obligations when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration conducts an inspection of a facility in which dietary supplements or ingredients are manufactured, processed, packed or held. It provides descriptions and analyses of the current federal laws that are relevant to inspection of dietary supplement facilities and suggestions of how to prepare for and conduct inspections in a manner that fully complies with these laws.

White Paper: Standardization

Standardization of Botanical Products

This paper describes the many factors that contribute to the proper standardization of a botanical product

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