Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Rooms (SOP and Log)

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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Rooms (SOP and Log)

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Published: Monday, September 1, 2014

This SOP assumes the temperature and humidity are monitored manually using thermometers and hygrometers rather than, say, being monitored continually using a chart recorder. (In that case, the chart recorder must be calibrated periodically, generally by an outside service.) Monitoring of humidity is not necessary in all facilities or all rooms; it depends on the nature of the components, processes, and products at the facility or in the room. Similarly, temperature monitoring may not be necessary in every room.

This log assumes the thermometer and hygrometer are separate. If they are combined into one unit then the columns "Therm. ID" and "Hygrom. ID" can be combined, as well as the columns for calibration due dates. If the ID numbers of the thermometer and the hygrometer will be the same at each reading, their ID #s and calibration due dates could be moved to the header of the form. The column for "time" is optional if the readings are taken once per day or less, but may be helpful in reviewing the data for trends.]


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