Inventory Control Card Form

Equipment and Utensils (Part D)

Receipt of Components, Packaging and Labeling (Part G)

Inventory Control Card Form

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Published: Thursday, April 1, 2010

A form such as this can be used by the warehouse department to track the receipt and use of materials, components, and products to ensure lot control and traceability, which are crucial for GMP compliance. The current status of the inventory – such as Quarantine, Approved, Rejected, Hold, Expired – should be clearly marked at the top of the card, such as by a sticker. Only QA should have the authority to mark a card “Approved.” After the inventory is completely depleted, the transactions should be reconciled to ensure they add to zero (within the normal cumulative error of the recorded transactions). If the transactions do not add to zero, there may be missing, incomplete, or incorrect transactions which need to be rectified. Additional columns may be added, if desired, to document verifications that shipping/receiving transactions have been properly documented in accordance with the requirements of the Bioterrorism Act; the latter may also be documented in Receiving or Shipping Logs.

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