AHPA Presents at Canna West 2018

AHPA Presents at Canna West 2018

June 7, 2018: AHPA Chief Science Officer Dr. Johnson highlights AHPA resources for the cannabis industry

Published: Thursday, June 7, 2018

AHPA Chief Science Officer Holly Johnson, Ph.D., participated in a panel discussion yesterday on testing and labeling standards for cannabis products to increase product safety and decrease producers’ liability at Canna West 2018 held in Los Angeles.

“Manufacturers of cannabis products should plan and budget for development of fit for purpose test methods for complex multi-ingredient finished products, especially oral delivery forms,” Dr. Johnson stressed.

The panel explored the importance of knowing product liability laws and how to meet or exceed FDA standards. Panelists advised that cannabis business owners need to be mindful of products liability laws, as well as state labeling laws applicable to products generally (like California’s Proposition 65) and how they may affect their business.

“It seems some marketing departments work in a vacuum. I advise involving scientific and regulatory experts early in the product development process and that companies ensure legal counsel review marketing claims to mitigate risks,” Dr. Johnson said. “Plaintiff’s attorneys seem to be a bigger legal risk for cannabis companies than federal enforcement currently.”

AHPA provides several resources for cannabis companies, including guidance on California Proposition 65 warning requirements for marijuana smoke and cannabis cultivation and manufacturing recommendations for regulators.

Canna West is a unique opportunity to hear from, and share, viewpoints with regulators; learn from peers; and absorb best practices for cannabis compliance, cultivation, testing, manufacturing, extractions, product development, labeling, distributing and retailing cannabis products.


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