AHPA Sustainability Resources

These resources are compiled to help members and the herbal industry on their sustainability journey

Resources included on this page are intended to assist our members on their sustainability journey and inclusion does not represent verification or endorsement by AHPA. If you feel there are resources missing or if something is included here that does not meet high sustainability standards, please let us know by emailing AHPA Chief Science Officer Holly E. Johnson, Ph.D.

Sustainable Sources for Herbs

Many certifying bodies have databases that list companies and herb suppliers that are demonstrating some level of sustainable production. This is a great place to start when trying to find sustainable sources for herbs and other ingredients.

International Sustainability Guidelines and Standards

The United Nations has spearheaded many conventions, guidelines and standards. Here are those that are applicable to the herbal industry.

Sustainable Packaging Companies

The following are companies that either offer sustainable packaging options or work in sustainable packaging innovation. Again, this is not a complete list and companies included here are provided for the convenience of members only and are not verified or endorsed by AHPA.

Sustainable Packaging Resources

The following organizations are great resources for training and additional information on sustainable packaging.

United States Sustainability Based Laws and Regulations

Assessment Tools

Good Agricultural and Collection Practices

AHPA Good Stewardship Collection Guides

Sustainability and Conservation Status of Botanical Ingredients

Social and Environmental Sustainability Certifications

Name of standard

Owner of the standard

Economic sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability

Agricultural Production Standard

Fair Trade USA (FTUSA)

Biodynamic Farm Standard

DEMETER Association Inc.



EcoSocial Fair

Instituto Biodinâmico de Desenvolvimento Rural (IBD)

Ethical BioTrade Standard

Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT)

Fair Choice Social and Fair Trade Standard


Fair For Life Standard


Fairtrade Standard for Herbs, Herbal Teas & Spices for Small Producer Organizations and traders

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, e.V. (FLO)


Fairtrade Standard for Herbs and Herbal Teas for Hired Labour and Traders

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, e.V. (FLO)


FairTSA Consolidated standards for the production of agricultural products, processed foods, wild collected plants, and handicrafts and personal-care products

Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA)

FairWild Standard

FairWild Foundation (FWF)

National Standard for Organic Production

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)



Non-GMO Project Standard

Non-GMO Project



Regenerative Organic Certification Standard

Regenerative Organic Alliance

Sustainable Agriculture Standard

Rainforest Alliance and UTZ



UEBT-UTZ Sustainable Herbal Tea Standards


Note: Where wild collection of botanicals is concerned, the only sustainability standard specifically designed for sustainable wild collection is the FairWild Standard. However, other standards make reference to and/or have adapted or incorporated parts of the FairWild Standard into their own standards, in particular the Fair Trade USA Agriculture Production Standard and the ECOCERT Fair For Life Standard. 

Sustainability Tool Kits