September 2021 AHPA Report
Friday, September 3, 2021
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The September 2021 AHPA Report includes: AHPA Webinar: Claims Substantiation; AHPA Congress on Immune Supplements; NDIN for "full-spectrum hemp extracts"; and more!

September 2021

Volume 36, Number 9

Inside AHPA

  • AHPA Webinar: Navigating the Maze of Claims in the Dietary Supplements Market
  • AHPA 2021 Fall Committee & Event Schedule
  • AHPA Congress on Immune Supplements: Register early for a chance to win!
  • AHPA in the news

Special Topics

  • Disappointment, but no surprises, in FDA’s responses to NDINs for “full-spectrum hemp extracts”
  • Trademark application for “Herbalist” withdrawn
  • AAHPA publishes educational materials for prevention of pyrrolizidine alkaloid contamination
  • FBIA releases updated Covid-19 decision tool for facility employees
  • ODS Dietary Supplement Label Database modernized

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  • Science Alerts
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