September 2022 AHPA Report
The September 2022 AHPA Report includes: AHPA's Macro Workshop, Hemp Lexicon update, upcoming meetings and events, 40 Herbs We Love; and more!

September 2022

Volume 37, Number 9

Inside AHPA

  • AHPA Workshop: Botanical, Macroscopic & Organoleptic Assessment of Herbal Ingredients for cGMP Compliance
  • AHPA publishes updated Hemp Lexicon
  • Mark your calendars for AHPA's upcoming meetings and events
  • AHPA’s 40 Herbs We Love – No. 18: Oregon Grape (with ❤️ from Mountain Rose Herbs)
  • AHPA’s 40 Herbs We Love – No. 19: Reishi Mushroom (with ❤️ from Yellow Emperor)
  • AHPA in the news

Special Topics

  • AHPA statement on purported association of white mulberry leaf with tragic death
  • Principal investigator of AHPA-ERB Foundation-funded goldenseal harvest study presents research at international conferences
  • IADSA Newsflash for August 2022
  • 17th Annual Prop 65 Conference

AHPA Alerts

  • Legal Alerts
  • Market Alerts

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