January 2023 AHPA Report

The January 2023 AHPA Report includes: AHPA’s Board of Trustees Call for Candidates, AHPA Webinar: CITES Impact on Your Supply Chain, Herbs in History, Herbs We Love; and more!


January 2023

Volume 38, Number 1

Inside AHPA

  • AHPA’s Board of Trustees Call for Candidates
  • AHPA Webinar: CITES Impact on Your Supply Chain
  • Save the Dates for AHPA Events & Meetings at Expo West 2023
  • AHPA 40th Anniversary Shop
  • Herbs in History: Elderberry & Fennel
  • AHPA updates 14 entries to the online Botanical Safety Handbook, 2nd ed., in final 2022 release
  • Join AHPA at the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit
  • AHPA’s 40 Herbs We Love - No. 26: Ayahuasca (with ❤ from Alkemist Labs)
  • AHPA in the news

Special Topics

  • AHPA reflects on 40-year history of defending herb safety as part of continued commitment to move industry forward
  • AHPA requests Congress refrain from enacting MPL riders in lame duck
  • Senator Durbin seeks support for MPL legislation
  • MPL legislation not included in FY 2023 omnibus spending bill

AHPA Alerts

  • Legal Alerts
  • Science Alerts
  • Market Alerts

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