Cultivation Assessment Tool
Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Section: GACP-GMP Individual Assessment Tools

Many factors must be considered and controlled in the cultivation of botanicals

Published: Tuesday, May 25, 2021

This form is for use in conjunction with Section 3 Cultivation, AHPA Good agricultural collection practices and good manufacturing practices for botanical materials. Supporting information for specific elements can be attached to this form.

Many factors must be considered and controlled in the cultivation of botanicals, from the choice of farm location through the applications of pesticides and fertilizer. These factors can significantly influence both the quality of the botanicals grown and the economics of the farming operation.

This section outlines recommended practices to ensure the quality and freedom from contamination of the crops produced. In addition, farmers of produce crops such as lettuce are usually (depending on certain exemptions) subject to the additional agricultural practice requirements established in 21 CFR Part 112.

Access to water of sufficient quantity and quality is essential to farm operations, and many crops rely on irrigation to supplement water received from normal rainfall.

The growth and development characteristics of individual plants, as well as the plant part destined for use, should guide field management practices. Various strategies can be implemented to protect and maintain the crop and to maximize the success of the harvest.

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