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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

AHPA Botanical Congress: Botanicals Today & Tomorrow

Start Date: 5/16/2023 9:00 AM PDT
End Date: 5/16/2023 3:00 PM PDT

Venue Name: VIRTUAL

Organization Name: American Herbal Products Association

Melissa Do
Email: mdo@ahpa.org
Phone: (301) 588-1171 x104

2023 AHPA Botanical Congress: Botanicals Today & Tomorrow



Dietary supplements and natural products are now billion-dollar industries. As demand grows and the market evolves, navigating the complex regulatory landscape, adapting to supply chain issues, and making the most of new trends and emerging opportunities in these product categories is more important (and challenging) than ever. That’s where the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and the experts we convene come in.

The 11th AHPA Botanical Congress: Botanicals Today & Tomorrow, hosted virtually on May 16, 2023, featured experts from AHPA and the industry will lead discussions on:

  • botanical supply and sourcing;

  • FDA enforcement and activity;

  • natural product claims;

  • market trends;

  • new cosmetic regulations coming into effect at the end of the year;

  • and more topics that matter to your brand and business.

Explore the agenda below!

Couldn't join us live? Session recordings and presenter slides are available now for all registered attendees, and it's not too late to register for on-demand access! Contact us at communications@ahpa.org for more information.


Tuesday, May 16 · 9:05am PT / 12:05pm ET

Factors such as increased consumer demand, the effects of climate change on plant biology, the evolving structure of wildcrafting operations, and current transitions to cultivation have reshaped the botanical supply behind the booming market for herbal supplements and natural products. In this session, Josef Brinckmann (Traditional Medicinals) will share findings from his recent research on medicinal and aromatic plants species (MAPS) in international commercial production and their conservation status. In addition, Edward Fletcher (Native Botanicals, Inc.) will lead a panel discussion on the status and future of wildcrafting in North America.


  • Edward Fletcher (Native Botanicals, Inc.) – Moderator

  • Josef Brinckmann (Traditional Medicinals)

  • Josh Hayes (Ridge Runner Trading)

  • Brennan Lincoln (Herbal Ingenuity)

  • Chuck Wanzer (Botanics, Inc.)

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Tuesday, May 16 · 10:10am PT / 1:10pm ET

Increased demand and accompanying consumer preferences for herbal supplements and natural products has led to transitions in the cultivation of herbal crops. With Steven Yeager (Mountain Rose Herbs) as moderator, speakers from Nektium, University of Vermont, and Cultivate Biologics will discuss how they are overcoming challenges in the cultivation of rhodiola, saffron, and hemp. Additionally, John Munsell (Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition) will provide insights into how forest farming practices could improve botanical supplies.


  • Steven Yeager (Mountain Rose Herbs) – Moderator

  • Arash Ghalehgolabbehbahani (Rodale Institute - Pocono Organic Center)

  • Ryan Jensen (Cultivate Biologics)

  • John Munsell (Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition)

  • Adriana Regidor (Nektium)

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Cultivate Biologics

Tuesday, May 16 · 11:05am PT / 2:05pm ET

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is charged with protecting the health and food supply of Americans. Recent actions and inaction by the agency, however, need to be examined in the context of FDA’s decades-long pattern of limiting consumer access to dietary supplements and herbal products. Will Woodlee (Kleinfeld, Kaplan & Becker), AHPA General Counsel, will set the stage for industry experts to discuss numerous FDA topics, including GMP enforcement, continuing need for a lawful pathway for CBD, restrictions on marketing of naturally-derived articles previously approved as drugs, and recent amendments to guidance on homeopathic products.


  • Will Woodlee (Kleinfeld, Kaplan & Becker; AHPA General Counsel) – Moderator

  • Rend Al-Mondhiry (Amin Talati Wasserman)

  • Paola Brown (Americans for Homeopathy Choice)

  • Robert Marriott (AHPA)

  • Marc Ullman (Rivkin Radler)

Session Sponsor:
Alkemist Labs

Tuesday, May 16 · 12:35pm PT / 3:35pm ET

Consumer preference for better business practices has expanded the already complex regulatory landscape for natural product claims. In this session, Asa Waldstein (Supplement Advisory Group) will provide an overview of key considerations for label claims, with Amber Littlejohn (Ice Miller) and Jake Hebert (One Step Closer) expanding on health-related claims and environmental claims, respectively.


  • Asa Waldstein (Supplement Advisory Group) – Moderator

  • Amber Littlejohn (Ice Miller)

  • Jake Hebert (One Step Closer)

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Tuesday, May 16 · 1:20pm PT / 4:20pm ET

The herbal supplement market experienced explosive growth during the pandemic years, 2020-2022. Will that trend continue as consumers remain interested in supporting their health and wellness with natural products, or are marketplace corrections inevitable? Tara Burkley (New Hope) and Claire Morton (Nutrition Business Journal) will present a financial snapshot of the herbal supplement and natural products markets, and Diane Ray (Natural Marketing Institute) will share data from consumer surveys for these product categories.


  • Tara Burkley (New Hope)

  • Claire Morton (Nutrition Business Journal)

  • Diane Ray (Natural Marketing Institute)

Tuesday, May 16 · 2:05pm PT / 5:05pm ET

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA) significantly overhauls the regulatory framework for cosmetic products, with many of the new requirements taking effect on December 29, 2023. MoCRA establishes federal standards for cosmetics with respect to facility registration, safety substantiation, good manufacturing practices, adverse event reporting, and more, with cosmetics soon subject to regulatory oversight by FDA unlike ever before. In this session, Tom Myers and Karin Ross (Personal Care Products Council; PCPC) will provide background and insight on the landmark legislation that PCPC championed from the start as part of their advocacy for cosmetic regulatory reform.


  • Tom Myers (Personal Care Products Council)

  • Karin Ross (Personal Care Products Council)

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