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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

AHPA Talks: Psychedelics, Part 2

Start Date: 6/26/2024 11:00 AM PDT
End Date: 6/26/2024 12:30 PM PDT

Venue Name: VIRTUAL

Organization Name: American Herbal Products Association

Alexis Durham
Email: adurham@ahpa.org
Phone: (301) 588-1171 x109

Psychedelic plants and fungi and at least one animal-derived agent and their preparations have significantly impacted human culture and history around the world. Considered sacred since ancient times, psychedelics have a rich history for healing, divination, spiritual realization, and overall expansion of consciousness.

Drawing upon decades of experience and ethnobotanical exploration in this field, Chris Kilham will present a 2-part virtual series on his experiences with LSD, ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, cannabis, peyote, San Pedro cactus, and Bufo toad secretion. In these information-packed sessions, Chris will share up-to-date information on psychedelics, personal accounts, and rare images from his travels.
Topics covered will include:

  • What constitutes a psychedelic

  • How psychedelics re-wire the brain

  • How psychedelics fit into indigenous cultures

  • Why people use psychedelics

Substances discussed in Part 1 (available on-demand):

  • LSD

  • Ayahuasca

  • Magic mushrooms

>>> View AHPA Talks: Psychedelics, Part 1 on-demand here!

Substances to be discussed in Part 2 (June 26):

  • Cannabis

  • Peyote

  • San Pedro cactus

  • Bufo toad secretion

Questions for Chris Kilham can be submitted in advance to Alexis Durham at

These FREE, virtual events are open to AHPA members and friends! Participants may attend either session or both. Registration required.


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