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Monday, June 5, 2023

Twenty-sixth meeting of the CITES Plants Committee

Start Date: 6/5/2023 9:00 AM CET
End Date: 6/9/2023 5:00 PM CET

Geneva, Switzerland 

CITES Plants Committee

The CITES Animals and Plants Committees of experts were established at the sixth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (Ottawa, 1987) to fill gaps in biological and other specialized knowledge regarding species of animals and plants that are (or might become) subject to CITES trade controls. Their role is to provide technical support to decision-making about these species. These two Committees have similar terms of reference, detailed in Resolution Conf. 18.2, Annex 2, which include inter alia
  • providing scientific advice and guidance to the Conference of the Parties, the other committees, working groups and the Secretariat;
  • dealing with nomenclatural issues;
  • undertaking periodic reviews of species, in order to ensure appropriate categorization in the CITES Appendices;
  • advising when certain species are subject to unsustainable trade and recommending remedial action (through a process known as the ’Review of Significant Trade’); and
  • drafting resolutions on animal and plant matters for consideration by the Conference of the Parties.
The Animals and Plants Committees meet twice between meetings of the Conference of the Parties. They report to the Conference of the Parties at its meetings and, if so requested, provide advice to the Standing Committee between such meetings. More information about the meetings of the Animals Committee and Plants Committee are available on this site.


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