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Monday, June 19, 2023

The Mushroom Summit 2023

Start Date: 6/19/2023 8:00 AM MDT
End Date: 6/20/2023 4:00 PM MDT

Venue Name: Colorado Convention Center

Denver, CO  United States 

The Mushroom Summit 2023 will bring together industry veterans, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and the curious to share knowledge, best practices and a common vision to support the strong, sustainable and responsible growth of this emerging sector. Covering the entire product lifecycle, from cultivation to supply chain, marketing to compliance, and everything in between, The Mushroom Summit will be the one place for the industry to gather, connect and work collaboratively towards a common, successful purpose.

Co-located with Psychedelic Science 2023, the largest psychedelic gathering in history, The Mushroom Summit will take place during the workshop days of Psychedelic Science so you can make plans to join us for a full week at two events that will provide you with the knowledge and community building opportunities you need to advance both your professional and personal goals.

Monday June 19, 2023  4:15pm - 5:15pm MDT
Mycelium on Grain vs Fruiting Body: Quality Control & Mushroom Biology
Perhaps there is no greater topic of interest - and even division - amongst the functional mushroom industry than this one. Is the answer binary, or is it more complicated than simply “choosing a side”? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each, and how can you make the best decision for your product, your business, your consumer and, in some cases your investors?

  • Holly E. Johnson, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, AHPA
  • Danielle Ryan Broida, Associate Brand Manager, Innovation, Four Sigmatic
  • Jeff Chilton, President, Nammex
  • Julie Daoust, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, M2 Ingredients/Om Mushroom
  • Christopher Hobbs Ph.D., Institute for Natural Products Research, Consultant, Mushroom Harvest
  • Regan Nally, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Fungi Perfecti

Tuesday, June 20 • 9:15am - 10:00am MDT
Extraction, Testing, and Measurement: Opportunities and Challenges for Industry Driven Standardization
Industry standardization can help accelerate the growth and reputation of the products and services delivered by an entire ecosystem. Look no further than what the standardization of USB cables did for the electronics industry as evidence, but when it comes to a product that grows naturally, and subject to a number of variables, how can an industry adopt universal standards for extraction, testing and measurement in a fair and effective manner? Also, are there any negative consequences to adopting standardizations that needs to be addressed by the industry? These types of conversations are not only vital to the growth of the functional mushroom industry, but can help ensure the entire sector is “lifted up” with a rising tide that considers fairness, opportunity and efficiency as key benchmarks.

  • Holly E. Johnson, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, AHPA
  • Jeff Tassill, Founder, Alita Bioscience Corporation
  • Josh Swider, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs
  • Dr. Sidney Sudberg, Founder, CSO, Alkemists Labs


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