Jane Wilson

Director of Program Development
jwilson@ahpa.org | 301-588-1171 x108

Jane Wilson is the Director of Program Development for the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), where her duties include working with the AHPA management team to develop, implement, and manage AHPA programs and services, and performing outreach activities in support of the AHPA membership and other herbal products industry organizational collaborators. She brings many years of experience developing collaborative relationships with representatives of industry, trade associations, public health officials, regulatory bodies, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders to this role. 

Jane has spent more than 20 years in various positions related to protection of public health and the environment. Most recently, Jane served as a the director of standards for NSF International, a global private-sector, public health organization involved in the development of consensus product standards, independent conformity assessment programs, independent auditing and testing, and education and training services for the food, water, health sciences, and sustainability sectors. In her NSF role, Jane oversaw all of NSF’s standards development and maintenance activities, including NSF/ANSI 173 Dietary Supplements, NSF/ANSI 305 Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients, and NSF 341 Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceutical Excipients. 

Much of Jane’s recent standards work was focused on development of tools to assess the environmentally sustainable characteristics of consumer and business to business products. She established the NSF National Center for Sustainability Standards and grew a portfolio of 11 standards, protocols, and product category rules to assist manufacturers in the communication of the sustainable attributes of their products. 

She served as the administrator of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) for ISO Technical Committee 249 Traditional Chinese Medicine (provisional). Jane worked closely with the US TAG chair, AHPA President Michael McGuffin, to coordinate the U.S. input into the development of international standards related to the raw materials, finished products, medical devices, and informatics systems that underpin Traditional Chinese Medicine systems. She participated in the first three international meetings of ISO TC 249 as part of the U.S. delegation. 

In addition to her work at NSF International, Jane also has experience working in the pharmaceutical and clinical health care fields. 

Jane has served on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Executive Standards Council, the Advisory Board of the Michigan State University, Center for the Study of Standards in Society, and the Consensus Standards Development Executive Committee of The NELAC Institute. She holds a Master of Public Health degree in Toxicology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology, both earned at the University of Michigan.