Regulatory Congress

AHPA's Congress on Regulatory Priorities in the Natural Products Market

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 | VIRTUAL


AHPA’s Regulatory Congress will bring you the latest updates and guidance on matters affecting the regulatory landscape of the dietary supplement and natural products industries.
Subject areas that will be addressed by the regulatory leaders at AHPA and experts from the industry include:

  • Sports nutrition

  • Hemp/CBD

  • Psychedelic plants and fungi

  • Pesticides

  • FDA activity

  • Midterm election outcomes

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AHPA Regulatory Congress

November 15, 2022 | VIRTUAL





8–8:10am PT
11–11:10am ET

Welcome and Introduction

Michael McGuffin
President, AHPA

8:10–9am PT
11:10am12pm ET

On the Label or Behind the Counter? The Future of Sports Nutrition Taking Shape Today
Bills attempting to restrict access to various classes of sports nutrition products have been cropping up around the country for years. Most recently, versions of these bills have passed the state legislatures in New York and California. Can self-regulatory labeling actions prevent a new age of “locked down” sports nutrition supplements? This panel will consider the goals of the organization behind these bills, and what actions the industry can take to address this situation.


Rob Wildman
Founder & CEO,
TYM Athletic Performance

Susan J. Hewlings
Director of Scientific Affairs,
Nutrasource/GRAS Associates

Sachin Kanabar
Chief Legal Officer, Iovate

Robert Marriott
Director of Regulatory Affairs,

Garry Pay
SVP Legal Regulatory Affairs,

9–9:50am PT
12–12:50pm ET

50 Shades of Hemp: Compliance at the State-by-State Level
As cannabis legalization bills continue to struggle at the federal level, state-by-state compliance has not gotten any easier. The hemp industry, in particular, has seen major contraction in recent years due to unclear and contradictory regulatory requirements. Join industry attorneys and experts for this panel discussion on how to navigate the fractured hemp legal landscape.


Jonathan Miller
General Counsel,
U.S. Hemp Roundtable

Michelle Bodian
Vicente Sederberg, LLP

Beth Dresser
VP of Business Development,
Cultivate Biologics

9:50–10am PT
12:50–1pm ET



10–11am PT
1–2pm ET

Trippin’ Down the Legal Pathway
Psychedelic botanicals offer tremendous therapeutic promise, but getting such products to market raises significant regulatory, scientific and equity concerns. In this session, a panel of experienced figures from across the spectrum will discuss about the regulatory and legislative infrastructure needed to build a stable and sustainable psychedelic products sector.


Elan Sudberg
CEO, Alkemist Labs

Courtney Barnes
Feldman Legal Advisors PLLC

Sharan Sidhu
VP, Scientific Research,
Innovation & Lab Operations,

Paul Stamets
Founder & Owner,
Fungi Perfecti

11–11:30am PT
2–2:30pm ET

Something in the Air: Inadvertent Environmental Presence of Pesticide Residues
From Azoxystrobin to Ziram, pesticides that persist and spread through the environment pose an ongoing problem for the producers of minor crops, especially given the limited respite offered by current regulations for crops that do not have established pesticide “tolerances.” This session will address challenges of the current EPA pesticide tolerance system and how it could be modified to account for these issues without compromising consumer protection.

Bill Barney
Biopesticide Regulatory Manager,
The IR-4 Project 

Robert Marriott
Director of Regulatory Affairs,

11:30am–12:20pm PT
2:30–3:20pm ET

Is it Time for DSHEA 1.4?
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) action on matters such as issuing final guidance on New Dietary Ingredient Notifications (NDINs) and addressing the future of FDA inspections remains to be seen, leading some to question whether it is time for an overhaul in dietary supplement regulations. In this panel, experts from AHPA and the industry will address what regulations are working, what areas urgently need improvement, and what changes to existing regulations would actually benefit consumers.

Michael McGuffin
President, AHPA

Gretchen DuBeau
Executive and Legal Director,
Alliance for Natural Health USA

Joshua M. Sharfstein
Vice Dean for Public Health Practice and Community Engagement;
Director, Bloomberg American Health Initiative,
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Will Woodlee
Partner, Kleinfeld, Kaplan & Becker, LLP;
AHPA General Counsel

12:20–12:30pm PT
3:20–3:30pm ET



12:30–1:20pm PT
3:30–4:20pm ET

Reg Talks
Regulatory priorities for the dietary supplement and natural products industries run the gamut. In these short form regulatory updates, experts will provide the latest information on industry trends and topics:


Michael McGuffin
President, AHPA

  • California Proposition 65 | Ann Grimaldi, Principal, Grimaldi Law Offices 

  • ​Mandatory product listing (MPL) | Pete Evich, VP, Van Scoyoc Associates; AHPA Legislative Consultant

  • Extended producer responsibility | Robert MarriottDirector of Regulatory Affairs, AHPA

  • Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) standards | Holly E. Johnson, Chief Science Officer, AHPA

  • Ethylene oxide testing | Bhaumik Darji, Quality Assurance Manager, Verdure Sciences

  • CITES and botanical crops | Patricia De Angelis, Botanist, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

  • ​Kratom | Will Woodlee, Partner, Kleinfeld, Kaplan & Becker, LLP; AHPA General Counsel


1:20–2:30pm PT
4:20–5:30pm ET

Legislative Priorities for the Herbal Supplement Trade: How Midterm Election Outcomes Will Affect the Industry
A new congress offers new challenges and opportunities for the herbal product industry. In this session, AHPA President Michael McGuffin and Pete Evich of Van Scoyoc Associates, AHPA’s national legislative consultant, will discuss the ramifications of the 2022 midterm election results on mandatory product listing, environmental legislation, the structure of the FDA, and AHPA’s legislative priorities in 2023.


Michael McGuffin
President, AHPA

Pete Evich
VP, Van Scoyoc Associates;
AHPA Legislative Consultant

2:30–2:40pm PT
5:30–5:40pm ET

Closing and Adjournment

Michael McGuffin
President, AHPA