Herbs of Commerce

AHPA's Herbs of Commerce is the standard for all common and scientific plant names used for products containing herbs. The second edition lists Latin binomials, Standardized Common Names, Ayurvedic, Chinese (pinyin), and other common names for 2,048 species, including 25 fungi and 23 seaweeds. This publication is a necessity for anyone who writes about plants or manufactures herbal products.
Federal regulations require that the common or usual name of botanical ingredients in dietary supplements be consistent with the names standardized in the second edition of Herbs of Commerce.

AHPA’s first edition of Herbs of Commerce was published in 1992 as self-governing guidance to reduce confusion associated with labeling botanical ingredients, established a single “standardized” common name for each listed herbs. The document was incorporated by reference in 1997 as FDA initiated rulemaking to implement the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.
The second edition was published in 2000 and edited by AHPA President Michael McGuffin, in collaboration with three of the country's preeminent experts on botanical nomenclature: Drs. John Kartesz, Albert Leung, and Arthur Tucker.

COMING SOON: Herbs of Commerce, 3rd Ed.

The highly anticipated third edition of AHPA's Herbs of Commerce is in the final stages of development with an anticipated release date of early 2023. Subscribe to AHPA Updates to be notified when the new edition is available to order!

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