AHPA Botanical Congress

AHPA Botanical Congress

August 16-17, 2022 (VIRTUAL), 9am-1pm PT / 12-4pm ET (DAILY)

AHPA’s 10th Botanical Congress is a two-day virtual symposium themed “Botanicals and Planet Earth, 2022” and will explore issues directly impacting those companies and individuals conducting business in the botanical/herbal and dietary supplement industries.

In commemoration of AHPA’s 40th anniversary, AHPA deems it fitting to also celebrate this great planet we call home by shining a spotlight on Planet Earth during the Botanical Congress. The goal is to focus on ways the industry can address relevant issues such as impacts of climate change on specific crop availability and, more importantly, caucus amongst like-minded individuals to explore solutions that will help heal, restore and regenerate our planet. This includes taking the time to listen to the views of the next generations who will soon inherit the responsibility of caring for and maintaining the health of Planet Earth.

10th Botanical Congress Title Sponsor:

Eurofins Botanical Testing US, Inc. (Brea, CA)
Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing (Madison, WI)

10th Botanical Congress Sponsors:


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