AHPA Botanical Congress

AHPA's 10th Botanical Congress

August 16-17, 2022 | VIRTUAL

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AHPA’s 10th Botanical Congress is a two-day virtual symposium themed “Botanicals and Planet Earth, 2022” and will explore issues directly impacting those companies and individuals conducting business in the botanical/herbal and dietary supplement industries.

In commemoration of AHPA’s 40th anniversary, AHPA deems it fitting to also celebrate this great planet we call home by shining a spotlight on Planet Earth during the Botanical Congress. The goal is to focus on ways the industry can address relevant issues such as impacts of climate change on specific crop availability and, more importantly, caucus amongst like-minded individuals to explore solutions that will help heal, restore and regenerate our planet. This includes taking the time to listen to the views of the next generations who will soon inherit the responsibility of caring for and maintaining the health of Planet Earth.

With Gratitude to the Sponsors of AHPA’s 10th Botanical Congress






Botanicals & Planet Earth, 2022

Day 1: Tuesday, August 16 | 9am-2pm PT / Noon-5pm ET
A Day of Inspiration & Aspiration




9-9:10am PT
12:00-12:10pm ET

Welcome & Introduction
Welcome to Day 1 of AHPA’s 10th Botanical Congress: A Day of Inspiration & Aspiration.

Michael McGuffin
President, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

9:15-10:10am PT
12:15-1:10pm ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: Climate Change is Real: Case Studies on How the Environment is Impacting Your Herb Supply
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the global average temperature increased about 1.8°F from 1901 to 2016. One-or-two-degree changes in the average temperature can cause potentially dangerous shifts in climate and weather, and result in what EPA defines as climate change impacts – visible ways that climate change is affecting Planet Earth. This engaging panel will provide real world examples of how these climate change impacts are affecting botanical supply chains.

This session is sponsored by:

Bill Chioffi 🌱
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Nammex

Cindy Angerhofer 🌱
Executive Director of Botanical Research, Aveda

Nate Brennan 🌱
Purchasing & Sales Manager, Pacific Botanicals

Rachel Doty 🌱
Supplier Verification & Supply Chain Manager, Meridian Trading 

Jan von Enden 🌱
Head of Group Sustainability, MartinBauer Group

10:10-10:25am PT
1:10-1:25pm ET

Networking Break


10:25-11:10am PT
1:25-2:10pm ET



11:15am-12:10pm PT
2:15-3:10pm ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: It’s Time to Listen
Planet Earth: it’s the only home we have. This thought-provoking session will feature leaders of tomorrow who will provide their points of view on what we can all do today to effect change in this place we call home.

Youth and climate activists passionate about the state of Planet Earth

Mark Foster
Brand Director, Bollinger Motors

12:15-1pm PT
3:15-4pm ET

What Consumers on Planet Earth Want: Dietary Supplement & Herbal Product Market Trends
Dietary supplement and herbal product industry growth fueled by pandemic-induced consumer demand for naturally-derived wellness and functional ingredients shows no signs of slowing down. In addition, sustainability and transparency remain top of mind as consumers shop the thousands of products and brands available to them in-store and online every day. Tune into this session for a look at the latest data and trends in the dietary supplement and herbal product categories, with presentations by experts from New Hope and SPINS.

This session is sponsored by:

Tara Burkley 🌱
Strategic Business Development Director, New Hope Natural Media

Caroline Davidson
Director, Channel Partnerships, SPINS





1:05-1:55pm PT
4:05-4:55pm ET



2pm PT
5pm ET


Michael McGuffin
President, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

Day 2: Wednesday, August 17 | 9am-1pm PT / Noon-4pm ET
A Day of Action




9-9:10am PT
12-12:10pm ET

Welcome & Introduction
Welcome to Day 2 of AHPA’s 10th Botanical Congress: A Day of Action designed to provide practical tools to conduct an environmental audit of your business.

Michael McGuffin
President, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

9:15-10am PT
12:15-1pm ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Conduct an Environmental Audit for Your Organization
As your company’s sustainability practices develop, it’s essential to conduct an internal audit of your organization by analyzing current business practices and setting new goals and targets. Attend this session to learn how industry leaders are integrating these processes in their facilities and operations.

This session is sponsored by:

Erin Smith 🌱
VP of Herbal Science & Research, Banyan Botanicals

Jane Franch
Vice President, Strategic Sourcing & Sustainability, Numi Organic Tea

Tod Gimbel 🌱
Sr. Vice President, Global Government Affairs, Herbalife Nutrition

10:05-11am PT
1:05-2pm ET

Becoming a Zero Waste Certified Facility
Zero waste certification is an effective method of delivery to the consumer that a company and/or its products are environmentally conscious with a keen focus on being eco-friendly at the highest level. Certifications show total commitment to zero waste. Take note as Mountain Rose Herbs and Gaia Herbs share their journey to becoming zero waste certified facilities.

Shawn Donnille 🌱
Owner & CEO, Mountain Rose Herbs

Alison Czeczuga 🌱
Director of Social Impact and Sustainability, Gaia Herbs

11-11:15am PT
2-2:15pm ET

Networking Break


11:15am-12pm PT
2:15-3pm ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Humans as Agents of Dispersal, Propagation, and Reciprocity
How do we reestablish relationships with the natural world and, once again, see ourselves as agents of positive change?

Join Linda Black Elk as she discusses her own journey as part of a living landscape, and listen in as she gives tips gathered from years of visiting with elders and other knowledge holders who still maintain close ties with our non-human relatives.

Linda Black Elk
Catawba Nation Descendant;
Food Sovereignty Coordinator,
United Tribes Technical College

12:05-1pm PT
3:05-4pm ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: The Movement Toward B Corp Certification
B Corp certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. B Lab is the nonprofit entity that was created to certify B Corporations. Attend this session as AHPA members share their journey in becoming B Corp certified. A representative from B Lab will guide the conversation and provide insight about the certification process.

Max Hayes
Evaluation Specialist,
Business Development, B Lab

Alexis Durham 🌱
Director of Botanical Affairs,
Herb Pharm

Erin Smith 🌱
VP of Herbal Science & Research, Banyan Botanicals



1pm PT
4pm ET


Michael McGuffin
President, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

🌱 AHPA Member  


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