FDA launches dietary supplement ingredient directory

March 8, 2023

This week, the U. S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced the launch of a new webpage, branded as the “Dietary Supplement Ingredient Directory.” The webpage is a list of “FDA's actions and communications with regard to particular dietary ingredients and other ingredients used in products marketed as dietary supplements.” The “directory” effectively replaces the FDA Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List while adding links to previous statements about several botanical ingredients.
“It is disappointing to see an FDA ‘dietary ingredient directory' that lumps kava, kratom, and red yeast rice, on the one hand, with articles such as picamilon, phenibut, and DMAA,” said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. “This sort of communication, without providing any new information for stakeholders, will reinforce industry misgivings about giving the agency even more authority.”




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