AHPA Chief Science Officer presents on mushroom derived products at AOAC Annual Meeting

September 12, 2023

As part of the American Herbal Products Association's (AHPA's) work to advance analytical science in the dietary supplement and natural products industries, AHPA Chief Science Officer Holly E. Johnson, Ph.D., presented at AOAC International's 137th Annual Meeting, August 25-30, in New Orleans, LA. The longstanding event brings together government, industry, and academia for professional development, networking, and collaboration in methods-based science.

Joining Darryl Sullivan (Eurofins) as moderator, Dr. Johnson kicked off the AOAC Botanical Ingredients & Dietary Supplement Integrity (BIDSI) program session at the annual meeting with a look at the historical use of mushrooms and the emerging popularity of functional fungi and mushroom derived products. This context set the stage for discussion of the analytical challenges that accompany the growing popularity of mushrooms.
In a session exploring the increased interest in and attention to Psilocybe mushrooms, Dr. Johnson presented on the therapeutic potential and evolving regulatory landscape for psilocybin mushroom derived products. AHPA founded its Psychedelic Plants & Fungi Committee in 2022 to address issues related to the safe use and responsible commerce of lawfully marketed products derived from psychedelic plants and fungi.
“I was thrilled to return to the AOAC Annual Meeting to collaborate with my scientific colleagues and contribute to timely discussions on functional fungi and mushrooms,” said Dr. Johnson, who presented alongside and met with many AHPA members throughout the week, as pictured below.



Waters and Eurofins

NOW Foods and ChromaDex

Panel on psychedelic mushrooms

In addition to presenting at the annual and mid-year meetings, Dr. Johnson also serves as chair/member of numerous AOAC working groups and expert review panels. AHPA's engagement with AOAC ensures that the association contributes to and stays informed of the latest scientific developments relevant to dietary supplements and other natural products.




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