AHPA ERB Foundation issues request for grant proposals

January 29, 2024


The American Herbal Product Association Foundation for Education and Research on Botanicals (AHPA ERB Foundation) is issuing a request for proposals to award grant funding to eligible applicants. The AHPA ERB Foundation supports a broad range of projects and efforts in the arena of botanical research and education on medicinal, therapeutic, and health-promoting herbs important to commerce in the United States.
Priority consideration for grants will be given to research in one of the following priority project types:

  • Type 1: Research of any specific herb or botanical commodity with regard to harvest, collection, or general supply, as well as botanical supply chain factors or trends;

  • Type 2: Research regarding applied technologies and methods of analysis, and analytical results particularly of extracts;

  • Type 3: Projects designed to identify and disseminate key botanical industry information to stakeholders and consumers.

Proposals must describe how the project will develop new information related to one of the three priority project types, defining clear objectives that this project will specifically address using well defined and sound methodology.
Applications should specifically explain what will be done to achieve the project objectives, and how tangible, measurable results will be collected and reported. Applications should describe the outreach plan (i.e., reporting of results) with clear deliverables and realistic expectations for reaching target beneficiaries of the research.
Proposals must include a timeline appropriate to the work and proposed outreach, describe applicant familiarity with related work, and include a sensible budget.
Applications should describe the key people involved in the project and their relevant experience, including their commitment, expertise, and ability to see the work through to its conclusion.
Refer to the AHPA ERB Foundation General Submission Guidelines for Research Grant Proposals for specific instructions on proposal content, organization, and submission. The deadline for submission for this proposal period is June 15, 2024.




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