Implications beyond sports nutrition: State legislation targeting weight loss dietary supplements

Robert Marriott of the American Herbal Products Association dissects state bills across the U.S. that he cautioned would impose burdensome restrictions on the dietary supplement industry.

American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) members with questions about state bills targeting weight loss products or with an interest in supporting AHPA's efforts to respond to the challenges presented by this form of age-gating legislation are encouraged to contact Robert Marriott, Director of Regulatory Affairs, at


Robert Marriott | January 30, 2024

From coast to coast, recent state legislative efforts to place age restrictions on sports nutrition products have intensified under the guise of protecting minors. In practice, however, such legislation would limit access to safe sports nutrition products for all consumers by imposing an inconsistent range of burdensome restrictions on manufacturers, marketers and retailers.

Further, while ostensibly aimed at weight loss and muscle-building dietary supplements, ambiguity in the scope and language of these bills could allow for broader and unwarranted application to unrelated products.

Now, with a bill enacted in New York and others advancing, the challenges presented by this form of age-gating legislation call for the attention of not only the sports nutrition sector but also the wider dietary supplement industry.

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