AHPA’s 40 Herbs We Love – No. 7: Lemon Balm (with love from Four Elements Organic Herbals)

May 5, 2022

AHPA's 40th anniversary celebrations continue with our showcase of the seventh of many beloved herbs at the heart of our robust industry and vibrant community.

No. 7: Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

A Poem by Jane Hawley Stevens,
Founder of Four Elements Organic Herbals

Melissa holds benefits for the heart, stomach, mind, and skin.
So many virtues, where to begin?
Lemony, refreshing, cleansing, and bitter.
Her delightful infusion calms my jitters.
A beloved gift to people and pollinators,
Pay attention, bees are common denominators!
For the skin, she is renowned and historically seen.
Legend reveals Melissa basked in a Hungarian Queen's cream.
When faced with life's challenges she gives me aplomb,
So, continue the virtues of Lemon Balm.
Full-body sustaining, sharing her bounty like the spirit of Gaia
Melissa surely contains the essence of the Messiah.
Her generosity inspires me to envelope myself in Earth's love
She embodies the essence connecting below to above.
Grow this abundant plant and bury your face in her leaves.
Her long history and current science will be easy to believe.
Sipping on Melissa tea is as dreamy as Brahms,
When in doubt, follow the buzz, and choose lemon balm.



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More Ways to Celebrate

In addition to AHPA's 40 Herbs We Love, there are more fun and exciting ways to get involved with AHPA's 40th anniversary celebration.
You can:

  • Share your photos from the 80s! Pay homage to the 1980s (the decade AHPA was founded) by submitting photos of yourself and/or friends and colleagues in the herbal industry. The photos will be shared in the AHPA Report and on social media for members and followers to guess who is in the photo!

  • Author a 40th anniversary letter or guest article for the AHPA Report! Share a favorite memory or lesson learned, comment on a historical or present issue, or address AHPA members and friends of the herbal and natural products industry with your own 40th anniversary message in the monthly AHPA Report.

  • Join us for the 40th anniversary Founders Series fireside chats! Gather (virtually) with fellow AHPA founders and friends for a pre-recorded fireside chat to discuss topics celebrating AHPA history, achievements, and what sets us apart in the herbal community. Videos will be available to watch on-demand and shared in AHPA Updates, the AHPA Report, and on social media.

Click here to download more information on all the ways you can join us to celebrate 40 years of AHPA, and contact Melissa Do with any questions and to get started.




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