Initial AHPA time study results suggest nearly $20 million initial compliance price tag for Durbin/Braun product listing bill

May 19, 2022

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has estimated the dietary supplement industry will need to spend nearly 20 million dollars for initial compliance with the Dietary Supplement Listing Act, a bill introduced by Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Mike Braun (R-IN) that would establish a requirement for mandatory product listing (MPL) for all dietary supplements marketed in the United States.

This figure has emerged as AHPA conducts a study measuring the time and associated costs to prepare product listings as would be required by the bill. This early estimate reflects only the costs of product data entry for initial compliance, and it does not include associated training costs or other year-over-year costs for continuing compliance. AHPA staff are continuing to gather data from members of industry to refine this projection.

“We are conducting this study because the fundamental question of cost has been missing from the mandatory product listing conversation to date,” said Robert Marriott, Director of Regulatory Affairs. “This information is essential for all stakeholders to weigh the supposed benefits of MPL against its costs to industry.”

AHPA has taken a position of opposition to the Dietary Supplement Listing Act, holding the belief that the existing regulatory framework for dietary supplements provides FDA with all the authority needed to properly regulate the field. AHPA continues to support legislative amendments to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that clearly benefit consumers and achieve their ends in a manner that minimizes burdens on the regulated trade.

Please contact Robert Marriott at with any questions about the study.




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